Katrina Virus

David Andrew Christenson is a Former Air Force officer and black ops pilot, gone whistle blower. He knew about the Katrina virus and has been working hard to expose this truth. I have known about this for some time now. This is not a good situation as they cover this up by giving vaccines for new virus’s, but the root of the problem comes from the Katrina virus and they are just using different names to keep this information out of lame stream. Many people have already died and been imprisoned trying to expose this. Too late, alternative news already has the information the jig is up. My only question is how many people got sick after the last Super bowl and Mardis gras?

here are some excerpts and links to videos and more information on this Katrina Virus also covert name Norovirus:

Mayor Ray Nagin knew about the release of The Katrina Virus and the fact that the United States Military murdered Americans during Hurricane Katrina. He also knew that I had been illegally classified as a terrorist. This is one of the final pieces to the puzzle. Mayor Nagin was set up. Think about it. The DOJ has threatened, coerced, bribed and murdered witnesses. The DOJ has used propaganda and tainted jury pools as well.

Mayor Ray Nagin was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on January 18th, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. During Hurricane Katrina Mayor Nagin was infected with The Katrina Virus. (His primary symptom/side effect was a mental illness which resulted in a mental breakdown. He admits this in his book: Katrina’s Secrets.) Any prison time would be a death sentence for the ex-Mayor. (I worked out with the Mayor and became friends with him as well as others at the Hilton Health Club.)
YouTube video #48: Hilton health club in NOLA. The epicenter of the genocide and murder. The “players”.
What is the Katrina Virus, where did it come from and how does it spread?
I needed a very simple term for what entered the environment during Hurricane Katrina.
I selected “The Katrina Virus” and called it a “Chemical Warfare Agent”. In reality it is far more complex.
The mass murder suicide in Newtown was the impetus for selecting the term: “Katrina Zombie Syndrome” (KZS). It was more sensational, at this time, than I wanted but it gets the point across. As time goes by we will see more and more of the “Katrina Zombie Syndrome”. “KZS” should be used for all murder suicides since August 29th, 2005 where the murderer has not been diagnosed or a motive found. This would help in tracking the “KZS”. At this time the Federal Government refuses to track murder suicides. Why? A very plausible answer is that the “Katrina Virus” and “Katrina Zombie Syndrome” is real and has infected innocent and unsuspecting Americans.

The Katrina Virus is a compilation of the following:
1. Biological
2. Chemical (Pesticides and Herbicides are included. An example is Agent Orange.)
3. Nuclear
4. Radiological
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) are divided into these four groups. I hope you can see the complexity of the Katrina Virus.
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Defense (DOD) had classified facilities in New Orleans that studied, produced, invented, analyzed, stored, tested, etc. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Ochsner Hospital, Tulane University, Tulane Medical School and Tulane Hospital were the most well-known public participants. (The WMD structure is still in existence today.)
I flew Presidential, Air Force One and Secret Service support missions while I was an Air Force Pilot and Officer. I am intimately familiar with the procedures and protocols. Air Force One did not land at Belle Chase Naval Air Station, which was secure, because the President did not want to take a chance on infecting himself with the Katrina Virus. Confirmed to me by Ambassador Donald Ensenat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Ensenat (Friends from the Hilton Health Club in NOLA)
The United States Military did not publicly arrive for five days. Confirmed to me by General Russel Honore. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russel_L._Honor%C3%A9
There was a division in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina struck that had been issued by Director Teresa McKay of the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) millions of dollars in cash in satchels. She was my good friend and she is married to my roommate, Jeff (JK) McKay from the Air Force Academy class of 1982. http://www.dfas.mil/pressroom/dfasleadership/Teresa_McKay.html
My cousin is Navy Admiral John Christenson. He is currently President of the Naval War College. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_N._Christenson
The above information is important because the Katrina Virus and WMDs are persistent or non-persistent. This is the measure of “Effective Time” or how long it stays in the environment. This is the reason that the “real” rescue of New Orleans did not take place for five days. Environmental tests had to be conducted to see if it was safe. This is the reason people died. This was murder and genocide. Our government did not want contaminated people leaving New Orleans. 1200 people are still missing and unaccounted for.
Hurlburt Field and the 1st Special Operation Wing had a large presence in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina Struck. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld refused to authorize there use.
Confirmed by General Norman Brozenick USAFA class or 1983 and General Brad Webb USAFA class of 1984. Please Google them. I was class of 1982 and flew special operations. See my unclassified discharge DD-214 from the Air Force (C-27 & C-130). http://persimmonpublishingus.com/uploads/DD214black__1_.pdf

Chemical Warfare. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemical_warfare
Chemical Warfare Agents. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chemical_warfare_agents
Weapons of Mass Destruction. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weapon_of_mass_destruction
Google maps. New Orleans, South Louisiana and the Mississippi River. http://maps.google.com/
Louisiana Chemical Association http://www.lca.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Home

South Louisiana is the chemical and chemical warfare capital of the world. Google Maps has excellent photos that show all of the chemical plants on the Mississippi River. All of the largest chemical companies in the world have chemical plants in South Louisiana.

The cover-up

Many high ranking government officials knew about the Katrina virus situation while it was happening and covered it up. According to him, the power structure kept as many critical personnel away from New Orleans for 5 days as the city was “quarantined” until the effects dissipated.

President George W. Bush did not land Air Force One in New Orleans at the Belle Chase Naval Air Station because he did not want to get infected with The Katrina Virus.
V149 US Military murders Americans in New Orleans. The soldiers are now classified as terrorists.
V149 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQUYOJJNYro
General Russel Honore arrived 5 days after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. On a Sunday morning during a very heated discussion he confirmed the existence of The Katrina Virus. He informed me that he did not know about The Katrina Virus until after he arrived in New Orleans and that he and his troops had nothing to do with the cover-up or the Military’s murder of Americans. He confirmed that his arrival was delayed to allow The Katrina Virus to dissipate. (As of today the troops that General Honore brought with him to New Orleans are suffering from medical maladies and many have been declared to be terrorists. Suicide and death rates for Honor’s troops are exceptionally high.)
V43 General Russel Honore and The Katrina Virus. He knew and did nothing.
YTV43 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFgCA6EDuzs
Governor Kathleen Blanco was manipulated by President George W. Bush. The criminal manipulation resulted in delaying the rescue of the citizens of New Orleans. She has been infected by The Katrina Virus. (“Cancer specialists have confirmed that Blanco has choroidal melanoma in one eye.”)

David Christenson also discusses the other entities that are aware of this threat, including the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goodell, whom he contacted back in June 2012. In addition to notifying government agencies, the NFL and other entities, Christenson consistently notifies the Supreme Court and others of his correspondence on the matter and up to now, not many people really seem to care he says.

The NFL has known about this for a year.

Astra Zeneca knows. Harvard knows.

Obama knows.

Come next week, everybody could care.

Fat Tuesday on the 5th, You got the Superbowl on the 3rd…

The PR “problem” for the Superbowl

The images of fans walking around with masks on would not be good for anybody but maybe something has to be done. The federal government will definitely be monitoring the situation as the Superbowl is an event of high public interest that Homeland Security monitors. The game is an opportunity to operate new surveillance technology in a live setting and there is a lot of opportunity to monitor and thwart any attempts to spread this information. . A virus scare would be very bad for the Superbowl XLVII festivities, not necessarily for the NFL as the seats would still be full but the surrounding commerce in New Orleans would be dented.

The Superbowl is next week. The link to the Katrina virus and the extended analysis that Christenson has is that Nagin actually has the Katrina virus. Nagin is basically facing life in federal prison with the things that could be stacked on top of him and needs to speak out as “prison would be a death sentence” because of the virus, according to Christenson. Ray Nagin has been set up to keep this virus and related events quiet, which Christenson describes on his Youtube channel. The videos mention that many high ranking officials know about the virus including Former President George W. Bush, the former and current Governors of Louisiana Kathleen Blanco and Bobby Jindal, along with many others. He says Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts may have “had no choice” to help cover the virus up as well which may have infected up to 150 million people. Just watch the video below, and his 185 others

That set of circumstances would be stressful and with the high ranking people involved with the Katrina virus, many are monitoring the situation. This week is a bad time for any loose comments to come out around the thousands of media personalities that will be in New Orleans for Superbowl media frenzy.

This year’s NFL championship game will surpass the marketing reach of last year’s game, which is what usually seems to happen every year. Superbowl 47 is no different with more young stars than ever. It is the first time that two brothers, both head coaches, Baltimore’s John Harbaugh and San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh, will coaching against each other. The game has been called the Harbaugh Bowl, HarBowl, SuperBaugh, and the Brother Bowl and will have no trouble being the biggest Superbowl in history. Information on the “Katrina Virus” leaking, before or after the game, would go viral, no pun.

The Superbowl is going to go on as planned, it only matters how many people are notified about the threat and at least take precaution.

And if the hot wing shortage can get worked out.

Learn more about the Katrina Virus on the David Andrew Christenson Youtube channel.


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We have all been called in these end times to complete a mission that the MOST HIGH ordained since before the foundation of the world it is our mission to complete that job before time runs out in this world. To be in the world but not part of it as the set apart Spirit in all of us guides us into all truth. The restoration has already begun!

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