I want to thank you …

Thank you to all who are liking and following my blog posts. You have no idea how it makes me feel to know others are interested in what I have to say. There is so much more I have learned and am still learning. We are in a troublesome time, but, a very awesome time too! May the MOST HIGH MAJESTIC FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT BLESS YOU ALWAYS!Image


Abba Father has always had a plan!, a specific plan, from the very foundation of this worlds existence. He knew us then! That speaks volumes to me. We are here now at this specific time, for a specific purpose. Revealing the truth to those stuck in the old pagan doctrine has been a trial and is for many others. Gleaning through information is a task, that the Holy Spirit helps me to decipher. With discernment and understanding and a great compassion for humanity. My brothers and sisters, Abba wants no one left behind and wants all truth to come to it’s fullness in the restoration of our true identities. You can learn a lot about this in Identity Crisis.

When and how did you wake up?

For me I guess it was when I started studying and writing 10 years ago. More so when I turned off that nasty square box we call a T.V. Researching history gave me many clues as I began to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free John 8:32

Please share your awakening in the comment section.


We have all been called in these end times to complete a mission that the MOST HIGH ordained since before the foundation of the world it is our mission to complete that job before time runs out in this world. To be in the world but not part of it as the set apart Spirit in all of us guides us into all truth. The restoration has already begun!

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