Fed Shuts Down

Well I guess you have heard the news … many jobs will be furloughed and the ones still able to work will be furloughed when their funding runs out, if this shut down lasts any length of time you can read more of which departments are affected by going here:

I’m sure there is more to this then what is in the article and know many will be affected by this. The dependency on the Federal Government for monthly cheques could be delayed due to less people handling.  My heart and prayers go out to those individuals and families who will be affected. May we see a resolution? I don’t know, but, it seems to be done in a timely fashion since the world is now being pelted with huge rocks from outer space.  We will have to depend on back yard astronomers to hear any news about the comets coming our way. Your guess is as good as mine on this .. what do you think?


We have all been called in these end times to complete a mission that the MOST HIGH ordained since before the foundation of the world it is our mission to complete that job before time runs out in this world. To be in the world but not part of it as the set apart Spirit in all of us guides us into all truth. The restoration has already begun!

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