The Men Behind the Masks

My Response: … and our children among many, even adults idolize these people cause they want to be like them… Their concerts and performances .. super bowl, Olympics etc get the entire audience worshiping the devil in unison, giving them more power. Mesmerizing the population. You can see Beyonce transforming right in front of your eyes. Many who have any symbology on their person or in their homes invite these demonic spirits to live in them.


Identity Crisis

Jim gives us an excellent overview of truth with in the scriptures that even our teachers, pastors, theologians and scholars never talked about.. Test all things! .. What he tells us here makes so much sense prophetically speaking. If more could truly understand this it will change your life and you will truly know your purpose and who you really are.

Take the scriptures he gives in this video and look them up yourself and really look at what he is saying and what the scriptures say.. There has been so much misinterpretation by many of the brethren, cause they see what they want to see.. If you have ears to hear and eyes to see this will really wake you up!

What we have learned growing up has been a lie by design. We listen to what we are told and believe what we are  told. Then we go about life acting on these beliefs. Any one that stands to correct you in our beliefs, we shrug our shoulders and go “no that is not true!” Who is it that sows seeds of doubt to us? Who tries to deceive us? walking around like a preying lion seeking whom he can destroy?

I have spent the last 10 years deprogramming and reprogramming the truth that was hidden from us by design.