Alien abuse??

Ok in another video/blog I described what the abusive cycle was about. I also put out a video about ritual abuse and human sacrifice and how wrong it was. Well how about Alien abuse! I did not think that it was as bad as it was until I listened to testimony from Karla_Turner_webpicDr. Karla Turner God rest her soul. Yes they killed her for spilling the beans as so many have sacrificed their lives to try and get the truth out. I found her out of print books as well, but as far as any history on her it is like she has been erased from existence. For those of you who have heard her testimony as she described some of the atrocities that have been done to her, her family and others it has led me to write about this subject. They control their victims by the implants and if they try to speak out about their abduction then a painful trigger is set off.
One such instance comes to me that the King wants me to write about is the grandmother who did not want to go with them and they projected images (2)a entity that said he was “Jesus”. He was blonde haired blue eyed who convinced the grandmother to go with the greys along with her grandson. They are not afraid of the name of Jesus and are using it as a counterfeit. Like I have said before these entities feed off of your fear. They do not like it when you direct anger at them. Seems abductions are becoming ever more prevalent as the years go on and have been reported as far back as the turn of the century. You do not hear much about these abductions because they are  down to the point that doctors, psychologists and even the military involved just say these people are insane, but, these stories told by the abducted are very real. Some are very spiritual healing experiences while others are horrendous and painful.
So the more fear that is projected into our society the more energy they receive. They feed off all negative emotions as I have said before in some of my videos on Sin and how it affects your life. So anger toward another person they feed off of, but, anger directed at them they do not like. This is why when I talk about some people blaming God for their downfalls in their lives they should be directing their anger at the enemy.
Something that bothers me about this Counterfeit Jesus is that he is also an entity that comes from the Pleiades. The description fits. They have conveniently led people in the New Age doctrine to believe that they are chosen above all humanity to ascend. How have they done this? Through channellers who let these entities enter their bodies to send messages to humanity and they are falling for it, cause they do not test the spirits. Some think this is a gift, but, in fact they have chosen these people, because they accept and are easy to convince. It is all a plan to tell the people they are here to save humanity by cloning individuals and telling them that this is their resurrection body or if they resist, their clone will be placed in their stead and no one would ever know the difference. They are very interested in your soul. Don’t let them have it. If you consent to letting them borrow it from you, you most certainly will be lost. You see God made us in His image and this alone sets us apart from any other being. They are not here to save you like the lies that they tell you to go along with their agenda, even though it is very convincing, you have to resist this.
We have been given the tools it is up to you to use them and learn them well because we must defeat this with every bit of strength we have in us. If you become tired and weak then ask God for strengthening. It is coming to the time now that these things/entities/demons/fallen angels masquerading as sheep in wolves clothing will use the name of Jesus to deceive you. This is why there are several teachings out about His real name, His Hebrew name. This is the name you must become familiar with and use. There is still power in the name if Jesus, but, if these entities are not afraid of this name and are using it already to convince people that these entities are with him, then, rest assured they have already begun their agenda. My impression is that these military that sequester people in hours of horrendous interrogation are not people at all, but clones of individuals and from this statement, is it not safe to think that these clones are everywhere? even in congress? I mean think about this for a moment, (Lord I thank you), when you go and report something or try and take someone to court, even doctors,therapists and the like, all walks of life that we think are human could be clones disregarding our claims and reports as nonsense and putting people in a class of conspiracy and foolishness. Guess where they end up?

I would rather Die a martyr then be subjected to a Fema Camp. Brothers and sisters you do not want to go to one of these places period. I am having visions of horrid things that go on there. Look at all those still stuck in one from Hurricane Sandy and told they wre not allowed to leave, however, I have heard that they have released people from camps(illegal immigrants) but who knows if this is the truth and what they went through in there. I’d like to know wouldn’t you?
They are building an army, a demonic army. Please do some research on Operation High Jump. You can also go to Steve Quayles web sites  read the dreams and visions section and the Q alerts as well as you can go to Genesis6giants  to read up on some of the subjects on fallen angels. You might even want to look at some things on Russ Dizdars site he deals with ritual abuse and has been a pastor for over 30 years or Tom Horns web site.

In everything you do forget everything you learned growing up. Flush it down the commode, have an open mind but pray and test the spirits if it does not line up with the Word of God then get rid of it.
When you go to sleep at night pray and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with the Wisdom and discernment of God’s Word and dreams of only Truth. I like to read the word before bedtime in that way my thoughts are in the Word. Praise songs, Praise to our one and only King!



We have all been called in these end times to complete a mission that the MOST HIGH ordained since before the foundation of the world it is our mission to complete that job before time runs out in this world. To be in the world but not part of it as the set apart Spirit in all of us guides us into all truth. The restoration has already begun!

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