Blood Moon Tetrads are a False Teaching

There are many wolves out there disguised in sheep’s clothing as they reel you in with their smiles and soft spoken words .. they speak some truth to get you hooked and then when they have created a reasonable following they then twist the words of the Bible.. Do not be spoon fed by these people .. they tell you what you want to hear… Read the WORD for yourself to gain the understanding and truth that ABBA wants you to know…


Matthew 24
Do not be controlled by the false prophets and forget the Word of our Messiah! Blood Moons on Feast Days are FALSE !!! Mark Biltz and John Hagee are FALSE !!! Please read this article: by Olivet Discourse
What is with all the hype about the blood moon Tetrad’s? Are you sure the boy is not crying wolf again? The PTB want christian’s to be focused on this as they bring in their own agenda Do Not be deceived.. the wolves are every where waiting to pounce on who ever will listen to their deception… Remember he comes as an angel of light and deceives many with miracles and lying wonders..

There are many teachings out there about the Book of Revelation and many use dispensationalism (any kind of ism should be carefully examined and known that it can’t be good) and some say that it is in chronological order… I beg to differ with those speaking these things… Do you really think that Our KING would lay it all out like that? If your expecting the next event to come during the seals you may have already missed trumpet 1 or maybe 2 even… I have heard that they over lap each other building upon each event as Yeshua speaks of the Birth Pangs .. when I women goes into labor and the pains get stronger and stronger..  this video that Olivia does really explained it to me and was a confirmation of what I had been shown before.. I don’t even remember where I saw it to start with.. and before you try to disagree or pass judgement please listen as she explains these events in the Book of Revelation. 

I have read the Book several times and thought I was understanding it but the video puts it in perspective… please feel free to visit and read more of her work for the Kingdom .. just by clicking on the image for her site to the right (Olivet Journal). May your eyes be opened and your ears hear the truth… much love and blessings Barbie


False Prophet Alert!

Mark Biltz: A False Prophet of the Blood Moon (via

End of Page ↓   We have been hearing about this solar and tetrad lunar eclipses (blood moon), that are supposed to be on the feast days in 2014 and 2015, for quite some time. Actually, it has been since 2008, when Mark Biltz who leads a Hebraic Roots…

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