It’s been a long long dusty road to make my way to eternity.
With cups of tears that I have shed along the way.
I was lost, but, He knew where I was all along that bumpy road to eternity.
He called me a long, long time ago. I didn’t know that love He had for me, and left that road to eternity.
The wide and broad road of sin, had taken me right in, but led me right back into the arms of Him.
He said to me,”Where have you been? I missed you so much! and He welcomed me back in.
He cleaned me back up and showered me in His gracious, undying love and shone down on me His perfect light from way up above.
He put me back on that straight and narrow road, back to eternity.
It’s never been easy, but, He keeps trying to please me on that road to eternity.
He saved my tears throughout the years in a golden cup in his hand and keeps them through out the land in the Kingdom of Heaven.
I’m waiting patiently now to be given, to the one and only King in Heaven, so I can be with Him for eternity.
In the kingdom there are no tears, there are no fears, love joy and peace are what I am waiting for in the kingdom for all eternity.
My Lord and my King I thank you for being there for me along that road to eternity.
He opened the door and let me in where I will remain forever with Him in Heaven for eternity.


We have all been called in these end times to complete a mission that the MOST HIGH ordained since before the foundation of the world it is our mission to complete that job before time runs out in this world. To be in the world but not part of it as the set apart Spirit in all of us guides us into all truth. The restoration has already begun!

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