Dreams from Readers

If you  have any interpretation of any of these dreams it would be greatly appreciated. These dreams are from readers of my blog and I found these particularly interesting and have given her my take on what I perceived. 

To protect  the individuals name I will not be posting it, only the first Letter of the first name:


This is “E’s” dreams: 

Dream No. 1:
I was alone at home as my parents had gone out for the evening and I was talking to Jesus and God. I don’t remember what I talked about (some of the details are hard to remember when I wake up so I will give you what I remember) however, I remember feeling the joyful peace when I talk to them. I looked at the clock and I saw that it was 9 p.m. so I decided to switch on the evening news to see what was happening around the country (I live in Ireland). The newsreader stated that she had some breaking news.

She said: “Somebody has been impeached from office. I repeat somebody has been impeached from office. Stay tuned for the details.”

I found this to be very odd because normally when they receive breaking news they just come right out with it, but at the same time I was cautiously optimistic that maybe the American people had seen the light and Obama had been impeached. When I came back into the sitting room the news was back on, but what I saw next shocked me. The usual newsreader was gone and had instead been replaced by a young man. His physical appearance was very strange, almost inhuman.

He had dark hair cut into a buzz cut, and his head was much larger than normal, and his mouth was much wider than normal, and his teeth were very big and very white. He almost resembled a bobble head doll or even a puppet. He began to smile a very wide, happy smile and when he spoke I had to put the cup of hot chocolate down for fear of dropping it from the shock of his words.

He said: “Somebody has been impeached from office. It isn’t President Obama or President Higgins (our president), in fact no world leader has been impeached. No, the person who has been impeached from office is God. That’s right, God.”

“President Obama has declared today that he is instigating proceedings to impeach God for crimes against humanity”.

I will continue this on another post.
I immediately switched off the TV and began to shake and cry as I was very shocked and frightened. I cried out to God for help. I asked him if this was a joke. Immediately a massive earthquake shook the room and the TV fell off the stand. I ran under the table and hid there thinking “Is this to do with the New World Order?”
End of dream

Dream No. 2

I was in my room looking out the window as a comet passing by over the house. I immediately knew it was ISON. My mom called me into her room and said “Look at the sky, what is it?” I told her it was ISON.

I left my mother looking at the comet and went back to my room to see if I could still see the comet. It was still making it’s way over the house. Just as it went over the power line outside my window, a boomerang shaped metal spaceship (that was what I thought when I saw it) passed by from the right side of the house to the left directly under the comet. I immediately ran into my mother’s room as it would pass by her window on it’s way.

Instead of going straight on the spaceship turned left and seemed to circle the house stopping just outside the other window of my parent’s bedroom which was on the left side of the house facing the next door neighbor’s house. My window faces the front of the house. The spaceship seemed to hover just at roof level although the underside of the ship could be seen from my mother’s window. It had been daytime while the comet was passing but as soon as the spaceship appeared, it turned to night.

There were two lights on the underside of the spaceship and a little hole appeared between the two lights. From this hole came three big blue orbs of light and they seemed to chase each other in a circle constantly as they descended. When they were at eye-level, they moved towards the window and kept moving in a circle. My mother seemed mesmerized by the lights and she kept saying “Look at the pretty lights.”

I knew that the lights and the spaceship weren’t good, but as they didn’t seem to be doing anything else, I thought it was safe to go to my room to pray for help and guidance. As I turned towards the door I noticed that it was daytime outside of the window in my parent’s room that faced the front of the house, but it was night time looking out of the window where the spaceship and lights were hovering. Alarmed, I ran to my room and saw that it was daytime outside my bedroom window too. The comet had passed over the house.

I then saw a portal open up in the sky and dozens of black human looking shapes fell from it to the ground. I ran downstairs to see where they were going to go and I saw them make their way towards the house. I immediately recognized them as demons as not all of them looked human. Some of them looked like animals and others looked like toys. I was worried as I was aware that there was a New Year’s Eve party going on in the kitchen.

Two demons came into the room that we use as a storage room and I ran in after them. One looked like a grey terrier although it had very black eyes. The other had a head shaped like a spinning top again with black eyes and no nose or mouth, and it’s body was in the shape of a snake except the head of the snake was at the bottom. I said quietly “God, please, help me.” and grabbed the first thing that came to hand.

It was a jewelery box. I don’t know why, but I began to beat the dog-shaped demon over the head until it fell over and stopped moving. The spinning top demon immediately wrapped it’s body around my leg and I beat it with the jewelery box until it fell off me and stopped moving. While I was fighting the demons, I was aware that the other demons had entered the kitchen, and I immediately called out to the people in there to pray because I couldn’t get to them.

I ran into the kitchen and saw dozens of shadowy human shaped demons that were all black with white eyes and just barely visible start to attack my family and friends. I immediately began to pray and it came out in a different tongue. (This confused me as I can’t pray in tongues.) Immediately the demons left and I ran upstairs to check on my mother. She was still mesmerized by the lights. It was daytime all over now except for where the spaceship and lights were.

I ran to my room and saw another portal open and more demons fell out. I ran downstairs and saw that they all were heading into the kitchen through the walls. Again I prayed in tongues and again the demons left. This played in a loop (checking on my mother, the portal opening, demons coming and me praying in tongues and the demons leaving). The fourth time I went to check on my mother I felt scared upon approaching her room.

I said out loud “I don’t want to go in.” Immediately I felt a warm presence behind me. I turned around and saw the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He was just over 6 foot and he had blond hair and his eyes were a golden brown. The air behind him shimmered as if something invisible was moving through the air.

I knew that these were his wings and that I was looking at an angel. I backed away as I was thinking that even Satan was an angel of Light. The angel looked at me and smiled and touched my shoulder. Immediately I felt immense love and comfort flow through me and I knew that this was my guardian angel.

He walked into my mother’s room and walked straight up to her. I came in after him and when he turned to me his smile was sad and I knew that he couldn’t help her. He nodded at me and I knew that he would stay with her while I helped my family and friends. After the demons had left the fourth time I realized that this would keep happening and that no matter what I did, my family and friends would not notice either the demons or even my presence.

I fell to my knees in utter despair and said “God, I don’t want to see this anymore. Please take me away.” Immediately I felt myself be pulled away from the dream and everything went black. I woke up and that was the end of the dream.

The two I described in my post may appear frightening, but the funny thing is I felt so peaceful when I woke up that I just knew that these dreams were not meant to frighten me. Although it was either fear or another negative emotion that woke me up, it went as soon as I realized that I was awake and safe.

This dream terrified me when I woke up because I thought that it was about Jesus. It was only when I calmed down and prayed about it and analysed it piece by piece that I realized that it wasn’t about Jesus because the description of the man was too awful and evil to be Him.

I’ll try to give it as best I can. I don’t remember everything because some of the events happened too fast for me to fully grasp them as I was going through them.

This is the dream:

I was sitting outside my mother’s café on a park bench with 3 other people. One was a girl I went to college with and the other two were boys, well men really that I didn’t know. We were eating and laughing and talking about things such as what we saw on TV and celebrity crushes and every day things. We were all dressed in black hoodies and jeans. Suddenly the scene changed and we were in my old college and we were sitting in the canteen.

I was the only one who noticed that we were somewhere else. Everyone else acted like nothing had changed. My friend (the girl I went to college with) said she had to go to the bathroom. We all said okay and carried on our conversation.

The people I was talking to were not believers. I just knew it because I wasn’t entirely comfortable with them, my friend included. My friend came back from the toilet and this is where everything becomes frightening. Suddenly everything was gray scale like a black and white movie except for my friend.

Remember how I said that we were all wearing black hoodies and jeans? Well when my friend came back from the bathroom, she was crawling…backwards. Also, she was wearing a red dress with white dots on it. She sat down beside me and said that she had killed someone and afterwards she saw a man who she only referred to as “him”.

I asked her who “him” was. And she became very frightened. At this point everything became color again and her dress was missing the white dots. When I saw the dress again, I thought this reminds me of The Illuminati’s “Lady In Red”. She said that I mentioned him. When I asked her if she meant Jesus she became terrified and she hid under the table at the feet of one of the boys.

She said: “He isn’t the miracle he once was. He has become LITTLE, and MURDERING, and A PERVERT.”

(She screamed the words in CAPS). When she said “and a pervert” she looked straight at me and a booming male voice said the word pervert. I knew that whoever my friend was talking about was standing behind me, and she screamed and I woke up. Now the weird thing is, from the part where she goes under the table to the end of the dream, scary music starts us, like the kind you’d hear in a horror movie.

I honestly felt like I had imagined a scene from a movie except for the fact that I had Jesus on my mind for most of the dream and the reference to the “Lady In Red”.

What terrified me when I woke up was the word pervert was ringing in my ears as I came to full alertness. For about two weeks before the dream, I had lustful thoughts before I went to sleep and when I woke up. I’d repent of them as soon as they left but I still felt disgusting for at least an hour after repenting. Also, I felt like whoever was behind me was in the room with me and I had to check every inch of the room before I realized that I was alone.

I thought that the male voice was God condemning me and I was terrified. It took an hour to calm myself down enough to ask Him whether the dream was from Him. It wasn’t until about two days later, that I finally realized that Jesus is none of the things that my friend described, but Satan and his demons are. If it was Satan’s voice I heard, does that mean the dream came from him? I don’t know, but I’ve been feeling out of sorts since and it wasn’t until Maria told me that she would interpret my dreams for me that I began to feel better.



We have all been called in these end times to complete a mission that the MOST HIGH ordained since before the foundation of the world it is our mission to complete that job before time runs out in this world. To be in the world but not part of it as the set apart Spirit in all of us guides us into all truth. The restoration has already begun!

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