Mind Control

In all of my studies and research I have only mentioned the word mind control especially through media outlets, but it goes much further then that as the celebs, artists, in any cultural form that is out there have all gone through their own mind control some since they were babies. Trauma based mind control is used to split the mind and insert different personalities. All these individuals are controlled by their handlers with trigger words and I have spoken of trigger words before. It can also be an object or article of clothing that will trigger their altered personality. There is now a lot of information out there on this cause they say they got rid of this program but they have not they have just advanced their techniques and is very hard for the victims to break away. Most if not all when leaving become victims of gang stalking and killed. Many have gone into hiding and continue changing their names.

Some of these whistle blowers may still be under control and spewing out disinformation as it was told to them to speak. (using hypnosis) We have to use our discernment when we listen to them. Svali uses a pen name and all of her family was of that blood line that I spoke of in previous posts.. They also keep it with in the families but also bring in new blood from time to time. She did give a very detailed interview but you could tell she was still nerved. I have not heard much of her lately. My feeling is they got a hold of her again. Some information they don’t care you knowing as their plans are ramping up for completion in the coming years … oh they still have a lot more in store for us… this is why I keep plugging away to find new updates of truth to report on. As ABBA reveals and allows me to write and publish for His Glory not mine.. He wishes all to know the absolute truth of what this world is all about.. it is not to get married have a family get glory and die. Most of All READ THE WORD!! 

Seems they like to traffic humans as well for sex, drugs and other things...

The other half of this is: when you are copying them and wearing the same clothes and doing the same thing as the “stars”, you are triggering their alters. You see, these “stars” are kept in and live in an environment whereby ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING around them feeds into the twisted reality they live in. They wear the clothes they wear, do the things they do, simply because it is the only way to keep them in the dissociated state so that their alters can be controlled, thereby controlling them.

I’m not saying this for their benefit, I’m saying it for yours. When you say or do something that hurts another, you are wracked with guilt, right? Well, imagine if your choice of clothing, and actions contributed to the continuation of unimaginable pain and torture for the idols you “love”. Imagine the guilt you would feel then. I’m trying to save you from ever feeling that. Yes, it is horrible that they are treated this way. But, as I said on Light in the Darkness (FB page) it is a vicious circle. The evil people who torture your stars will NEVER break the circle so it is up to YOU to stop it. You can’t stop the PTB from torturing the stars, but you CAN make sure you don’t play any part in it. Much love to you all.~By SeekingRepentance


Clothing can trigger alters as well please keep that in mind and hopefully I will be able to give a list of all these things that can cause a trigger for someone that is out in public to go berserk if your wearing the trigger.. such as Monarch butterflies, cats, Hello Kitty, stars, symbols, images etc I will compile and post something on it soon.

Seekingrepentance has been doing a great deal of research on this subject and would like to direct you to her blog. Blessings….