Secret Space War VI:

Dead Humans by the Millions, the Real Alien Agenda?

Unless Americans wake up from their slumber and take their country back from Neocon Zionist hijackers and infil-Traitors who appear to be operating according to an Alien Agenda run out of the City of London Financial District, it certainly seems that they are destined to become dead by the millions in the streets, towns and countryside of the land their forefathers conquered and then freed from England’s Colonial tyranny.



Alien abuse???

Ok in another video/blog I described what the abusive cycle was about. I also put out a video about ritual abuse and human sacrifice and how wrong it was. Well how about Alien abuse! I did not think that it was as bad as it was until I listened to testimony from Karla_Turner_webpicDr. Karla Turner God rest her soul. Yes they killed her for spilling the beans as so many have sacrificed their lives to try and get the truth out. I found her out of print books as well, but as far as any history on her it is like she has been erased from existence. For those of you who have heard her testimony as she described some of the atrocities that have been done to her, her family and others it has led me to write about this subject. You can read more Here…..