Obama, Pope and Bilderberg

They were all in meetings at the same time from May 29th to June 1st and this is what they said.. They are pushing for “Unity” The NWO agenda. The control of information across the board is indeed in process on all levels.. We must discern what they are saying and if it is to instill fear or dis-inform us.. but we must know of what they are doing other wise we all stay blinded..

blind leading the blind

I was appalled by the tone and countenance of  this president while conducting his speech and made a very bold statement. Not every one would have heard this.. Much is swept under the rug or controlled so that we do not hear it.



Giants – Truth or Myth?

Elongated skulls

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We can now prove these skulls are not human but hybrids, do you understand now why the Smithsonian Inst. and our government lied and have hidden the remains of Giants found throughout the US. They have hidden the truth:…….., to promote their theory of evolution, and the godless foundation of the NWO, and deception coming upon us………so much information and it is important. When we have been lied to purposely for generations, there is a deep root of evil hiding beneath it……….

This will start up a series of posts that I will be putting up on Satan’s deception.