Katrina Virus

Katrina Virus
Yesterday, WTF News began to increase the warnings about the “Katrina Virus” threat, not just on Twitter but also by contacting media personalities. Since being alerted to this 6 days ago by Former Air Force officer and black ops pilot David Andrew Christenson, more information has surfaced and been processed by him.

Christenson reports it has the potential to become an epidemic, or possibly a global pandemic. According to his analysis, there may be the risk of a global pandemic because of the diverse crowd of visitors coming to the city for Superbowl XLVII and Mardi Gras in the following week. Saturday, I interviewed Christenson on the Info Trap radio broadcast about the origin of the Katrina virus and the possibility that New Orleans could be what he calls “the perfect delivery vehicle” for the virus.

Former Air Force officer David Andrew Christenson is warning that the Superbowl and Mardi Gras radically increase the possibility of turning what is a growing epidemic into a global pandemic. The risk is caused by what he calls a perfect storm coming together in New Orleans with millions of people from all over the world visiting the Crescent City and possibly carrying the strains back to their home city.

Christenson also calls New Orleans a perfect incubator especially because of the social dynamics that will be at work as a lot of people will be in close proximity and some will make intimate contact. The social atmosphere will provide many friendly environments to grow inside bodies as the immune systems of many may be sufficiently weakened to carry and spread the various pathogens easier.

New Orleans is a perfect incubator. People’s immune systems will be weakened due to fatigue, drugs, alcohol, Gulf of Mexico contaminated seafood, Corexit, BP Oil, etc. Please take care of each other. Watch out for dehydration.

Early Tuesday morning, Christenson discovered that not only was the rate of norovirus articles increasing, but one popped up in Baltimore on the local CBS website. This is in addition to the widespread flu virus. He warns that both outbreaks could be exacerbated by the Katrina virus on top of that.

New strains of norovirus are known to spread faster than most other ailments.
New strain of stomach bug called the “Ferrari of viruses”

One researcher is calling it the ” Ferrari of Viruses” for the speed at which it passes through a large group of people.

This new strain of the Norovirus, often mistakenly referred to as the “ stomach flu”, is highly contagious. The virus causes vomiting and diarrhea, sometimes for a few days.

This year, the Centers for Disease Control reports that the new strain of the stomach bug has taken over. The “Sydney” strain accounts for about 60% of Norovirus outbreaks.

It is when a new strain spreads that many people get so sick.

“Every few years, there is a new strain of Norovirus that cruises through the community, and we seem to have a new virus cruising through right now,” said Dr. Jeff Dickey of Holyoke Medical Center.

“People build immunity to the Norovirus, but apparently the immunity is not sufficient enough because it’s a new strain.”

The Norovirus can be spread by food handlers, and also through the air. Unfortunately for those who catch it, there is really no medicine to treat the symptoms.

If you want to avoid contracting the virus, experts say to be vigilant in handwashing, disinfecting surfaces, and proper preparation of food.

A Baltimore doctor shed some light on the symptoms and severity.
Via CBS Baltimore.

Dr. Marc Leavey of Mercy Medical Center has already seen severe cases here in Maryland. “Patients are coming in with vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration. Older and younger. Many of them are getting so sick, we’ve had to put them in the hospital,” Leavey said.

Another big risk is that the norovirus can be caught in addition to the flu, which the doctor mentioned seeing a few cases of so far.

With the flu so widespread, it’s possible for patients to contract both the flu and norovirus.

“I’d hate to be the person who got it, but you’d be a sick cookie,” Leavey said.

You don’t have to look very hard to find the many news articles online not just about the flu virus, but specifically norovirus outbreaks. Some of these move very fast through a school or workplace.

You Google it, see how many cities are specific to the norovirus. We already know that the norovirus is in Baltimore.

The situation is getting serious in different parts of the country, as the flu is significant in all 50 states and the norovirus outbreak is still spreading.
It’s known that approximately 20 million people get norovirus every year in the United States according to the CDC, resulting in around 800 deaths. The outbreak is all over the United States and that’s

Los Angeles
San Diego, CA
Indianapolis, IN
South Carolina
Atlanta, GA
Central Florida
Wisconsin Again
North Carolina More NC
The Ozarks (Missouri, Arkansas)
Tri-Cities (Washington)
Santa Barbara County, Californa and More CA
New Hampshire
Minneapolis, MN
Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA
40 students in Princeton, NJ. Getting worse.
One instance of a different strain in Arkansas hit up to 300 kids at a middle school forcing a school shutdown. Another Arkansas school shuts down, 200 kids.
It got Burt Reynolds hospitalized.
Top flight football club Liverpool lost their manager Brendan Rodgers to it for days.
The various norovirus strains closed hospital wards 1513 times last year but the UK is off to a fast start for 2013.
NHS in crisis as hundreds of hospital staff fall ill with winter flu and norovirus after treating infected patients.
The bug closes down a hospital in the UK.
Again, again, again, and again

It is against this backdrop that Christenson is worried about the Superbowl and Mardi Gras turning New Orleans into a toxic petri dish with the millions of warm bodies as hosts for thousands of pathogens in billions of microbes. The probability of mutation is a dangerous situation that could generate one or multiple superbug strains.

From the start, Christenson warned about the potential for mutation from the combination of flu, norovirus and Katrina Virus agents. Last night, he discovered information that escalates the problem. There is a “dormant strain” of norovirus out there already that the CDC has information on which has been around since 2009, at least in records.

There is a Norovirus called the “New Orleans Norovirus” and that it has been dormant. This Norovirus originated in New Orleans in 2009.

Given the situation about ex Mayor Ray Nagin being basically blackmailed to keep quiet about the Katrina virus, we find out there is a “New Orleans” strain? Curious coincidence?

Either way, the combination of weakened immune systems and the mix of pathogens (flu, Katrina Virus, and norovirus strains) has the potential for multiple mutated strains to spread to different areas of the United States and go international.

What seems to be most troubling about norovirus transmission is that doctors warn that even after you’ve recovered, you can still transmit norovirus for up to two weeks. Christenson says the effects could take up to 6 months to accurately gauge the impact, maybe that is enough time to mitigate the spread if the right notice is given.

More about Christenson and the “Katrina Virus”

WTF News was first made aware of the “Katrina virus” as Christenson calls it, earlier this week and curiously the next day, the arraignment of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was delayed from January 31st to February 20th, after the Superbowl and major Mardi Gras festivities. Christenson noted that it was very strange for someone indicted on 21 federal charges but not arrested nor out on bond, to have an arraignment pushed back right before the Superbowl with thousands of media members in the city. Christenson knows Nagin personally and coincidentally, many of those involved with the Katrina Virus coverup.

As he learned more information and began to go public, it led to his unconstitutional detainment in March 2011, which included being forcibly drugged against his will. He was basically black bagged NDAA style before the “indefinite detention” provision was signed in to law in December 2011. Christenson has been in legal action since which is documented on his website (persimmonpublishingus.com).

He theorizes that some of the people responsible for the coverup and his detainment might still be blackmailing the former Mayor because Nagin has known about the situation virtually from the start and may actually have been affected by the virus.


We have all been called in these end times to complete a mission that the MOST HIGH ordained since before the foundation of the world it is our mission to complete that job before time runs out in this world. To be in the world but not part of it as the set apart Spirit in all of us guides us into all truth. The restoration has already begun!

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