Sometimes I get several minutes and sometimes I can only catch phrases:( lots of dreams with water)

Dreams Road Sign


Last night I was standing in the midst of darkness, destruction and carnage. All I saw was blackness as I witnessed this.
A Tsunami Dream … I was standing on a shoreline, I don’t know exactly where I was ATT, as a I saw a huge wave coming at me which enveloped me. Others seeing this event thought I was dead but then I appeared among them and they were talking with each other chattering and then saying we thought you were dead? My Reply was “God is not done with me yet!”
If anyone has any confirmations or a word to share please feel free to comment… 😀


Dream of massive flooding: people were running in all directions, I had my 2 oldest kids with me but they were younger in my dream. We happened upon a building that had no water and a place to gain clean water and a place to rest. We left this area and went down the hallway to a main front door where there was water coming and going down a hill and still people running and wading through rushing water in all depths. I saw what looking like a small train of cars traveling in this river of water. When we went back to the area that was dry it was no more looking at the floor I could see the water creeping up and knew that the water level will rise even more and had to find higher ground. Next thing I knew we were sitting in a shuttle on a track in a tube but instead of going to higher ground we were going down to lower ground. When coming out of the tunnel we were in a rushing river of water and what seemed like a vehicle we were in was floating on the water but we were going fast like one would in rapids. I saw vehicles and debris piling up and then came to realize that this was not at all safe and we could get caught up in the debris. Dream ended.


This morning I woke up to Sparkling Wine but it was like it was in space.


The Worldly knowledge that we possess deep down and inside each and every one of us is only the tip of the ice-berg. The Lord for sure woke me up to this one.

My husband had a dream one night and woke me up out of a dead sleep to tell me this dream. He doesn’t think it was a dream though, he thinks it was a visitation from the Holy Spirit. All of a sudden he was in a room, with presents, they were all gold with a white bow on each of them and they were all different shapes and sizes floating off the floor. He was in a foyer and their was a brick wall with an archway. A Bird landed on his head and dug it’s claws into his head. He didn’t know it was a bird at first, he just felt these things sticking into his head as he is looking around at all the presents. He reached up with his hands and brought the bird down in front of him. The bird(a dove) started talking to him in a soft woman’s voice and asked why so many repetitive prayers? (He had been praying the same thing all the time.) The beak on the bird was Yellow and moving just like a mouth would move. As the bird was talking, he heard another voice but did not see anything or anybody else, but, it said “Is he of the Latin 6”?(what ever that may be he did not know) the bird asked him and he said he did not know what it was.Then the dream ended.


A dream about our trailer being swept off of it’s foundation blocks and floating up against the tree line in the farmers field.


I was on a huge boat, like a cruise liner and I was talking to other people when all of a sudden these things started running and jumping on people as they were frantically trying to shake them off they started running after me. I looked over board and it was wayyyyy down and was kind of frightened that I may get hurt if I jumped. I had no other choice they were getting closer so over I went. I came to the surface of the water and just bobbed there for a while, but, I felt safe. Then I woke up


I was in a trailer on top of a hill like I was in one of my old homes except a trailer, with a boot room and wooden steps to go outside. All of a sudden a light appeared over head, a ship(flying saucer) appeared and started sucking up cows and a school bus. I ran to the trailer and just kept looking. It finally left and I woke up.


Slip sliding on a mud ridge with rocks on one side and water on the other. Didn’t want to fall off into the rocks below so tried to stay on the side of the water if I were to fall in but it was fun and I eventually did slip into the water.


Jesus sitting in the midst of all the chaos, picking and choosing, as we all know He will divide the wheat from the tares. I did not see His face, He was dressed in a white robe with brown curly hair and a golden crown on His head. His back was turned to me but I some how knew it was Him and His fingers simultaneously were sending out little bolts of lightning as if He was motioning you and you and you and you come with me! Time is running out folks! More and more people are seeing visions in their dreams of the Lord!


Water, ripply slides, lots of happiness, smiling faces, Wendy Jo and Daniel.(friends of mine from my home town)
Small windows that You could hold in your hand like stained glass but all clear like window glass.



I was woken up and looked outside and these men in white coveralls and white construction helmets were on tops of roofs all over the neighborhood(subdivision) and they were spraying something out all over the houses. they had these tanks like fire extinguishers but the nozzles on the sprayers were fist size in diameter.. I do not know what it was but did look like white puffy smoke.. like clouds in the sky.



I saw Vancouver island disappear into the ocean.


We have all been called in these end times to complete a mission that the MOST HIGH ordained since before the foundation of the world it is our mission to complete that job before time runs out in this world. To be in the world but not part of it as the set apart Spirit in all of us guides us into all truth. The restoration has already begun!

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