What are you doing to research a subject?

Many of us pick a subject and start looking on the internet or in the Bible for scriptural confirmation.. Sometimes Father puts something to us to research.. be obedient when this happens … write what He tells you to write. Father will lead us in the right direction if you ask and pray for it.. We are all on different pages and we need to individually research subjects or even people.. We cannot expect some one else to do the research for us… and we cannot expect others to shell out the information on a silver platter if you have not done the research. Search it out, but, know this that not all information is truthful on the internet… It is OKAY to research something to have the truth revealed, but, we must focus on the here and now. The “Truth” is in the Bible if you study and read it. Ask for discernment and revelation knowledge as you meditate on the scriptures. We often get different messages every time we read a chapter or verse as Father draws us closer into revealing His mysteries written with in His WORD. What He tells each and every one of us is for us to share as well as ourselves, and what is going on in our lives at that particular time as well as revealing to us what is to come. New knowledge! wisdom and understanding of His purpose and plan for us. Who we are in HIM. The Word is LIFE and Meat for our Spirit. Father does not lay it all out for us and HIS WORD should not be taken literally. Seek and you shall find knock and the door will be opened to you …

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.

Learn and know where we are being duped so you can make changes. Then focus on you and your relationship with Father..
He is refining and transforming us and even moreso; if we kill our flesh! BOOM!! Forsaking all other things in this world and think, talk and walk only in Spiritual things…

1Corinthians 2:13 Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Holy Ghost teacheth; comparing spiritual things with spiritual.

Be a wise virgin
Pray you will be counted worthy of entering the Kingdom.
Scripture is KJV
All Praise Honor and Glory is HIS! 100% :luv:


911: This changed everything?

It changed everything alright and at a very fast pace. To “Foment War” this is what they wanted b/c of the pain, trauma, mental anguish, stress and sheer terror that it inflicts on the victims. The most desired of all is the killing of innocent young children and babies. Why? because Our Father Loves them! It is sad and heart wrenching to see as a responsible mother, I too have much compassion for these little ones, whose lives have never even begun, all because of a hate towards God’s chosen people.
As His children we must repel the spirit of fear that comes as a fiery dart from the enemy. Always stand strong! Ask for the strength to endure until He calls us all home! Keep speaking His Truth with a capital “T”. Blessings to you all!

Why are you fighting the Father?

Negative vs positive: How many of you say “I can’t” “I’m not good enough” “I’m afraid” “I don’t have enough””something bad is going to happen to me” I’m so worried” “I’m not good enough””I’m not smart enough””It’s no use””I feel guilty” “God is mad at me” There are more of these negative phrases and I even had to go back to these papers I have on it to bring these up cause I don’t say these things any more. You want to replace these with “I can” “I have more then enough””No weapon formed against me shall prosper””Think about good things in your life”

Why are you fighting the Father? He loves you and wants all good things for you. “Don’t think small” Stop trying to measure up and expect God’s wisdom today cause you are constantly learning. Let Him lead you and be patient. Expecting all knowledge and demanding things right now does not work! He will not bless you if you are not ready. Many people ask for wealth, but, what will you do with that wealth? Will you help others, feed the hungry and the poor? or will you squander it away on the lusts of this world. The Father is preparing you in every aspect of your life through life’s lessons and trials. He is looking at your reactions whether they are negative (letting the enemy in) or positive (letting his love for you flourish) grumbling and complaining gets you no where. Having faith as a mustard seed is a start.

English: Mustard seeds by David Turner Februar...

English: Mustard seeds by David Turner February 23, 2005 Edited by Consequencefree to replace the coin with an SI measurement reference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you really want to change the negative mentality? If you indeed want to change this then please see my videos on”From the inside out” This is where you will start and take it one day at a time don’t rush through them all cause the enemy will come to steal that positive word away from you. Are you ready to commit 40 days out of your life to change? It takes but a few minutes each day to listen to a video and the rest is up to you to apply the positive concepts.

“From the inside out” 

This was the first series I started to help others realize what is coming out of their mouths. It helped me, I know it will help you, even my brothers and sisters, we are not perfect and we do make mistakes. We are all sinners, there is none perfect!, but, the Holy sinless one who became sin for us so that we could be saved. He paid the penalty for us and I am truly thankful cause there is none other that would do that for me.

Thank you! My King! You are awesome! I love you! Help me to love you even more! Thank you for guiding my footsteps every day. You have my life in your hands! I’m ready and waiting!