Hand Signals of Darkness


Hand Signals of Darkness

Have you seen these hand signs?? Are they incorporated into your every day life? Do you see your children signing these?? I know many of them are familiar and I used them myself as a child, but did you know they have a dark history?

All walks of life are using these including your favorite preacher, teacher, movie star and music idols. They are using these hand signals to convey a message to one another and for the PTB declaring their allegience to their god, Lucifer. We have all been deceived and it is time to come out of the matrix they have put us in our entire lives.
What does the sign language do for the hearing impaired … ? —> communicate.
That is what the hand signs are for … to communicate with one another. So what they are”saying” is totally lies, and they are telling their folks, “Here I am!I am with you!” as they lie to the masses…
It is not about us doing them .. it is not a big deal … but knowing that they are used by the PTB to communicate and preachers are no exception .. they are all  deceiving us …. programming and conditioning us …

Please familiarize your self with these so that you can break the conditioning and make corrections in your lives.

Much love and blessings…