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With the ever increasing signs and images in this world, we now need to take note of their symbolism. We learned these things, along with hand signs that we really did not know where they originally came from. Some we just copied what we had seen and it was cool, but needless to say flashing the devils horns has become quite popular among many. WHY?? cause it has been ingrained in us as we become more programmed by the TV shows and movies, not to mention the Hollywood stars who are using these signs even more in this dark age we live in. I have collected some of these and would like you to view them here. We must become familiar with these signs and symbols in order for us to avoid their deep spiritual meanings. There are many more then what I have posted and you can go back to these boards from time to time as I update them with new pins.

The one thing I do know is they are every where in your face, programming us to accept them. Business, corporations, churches, community groups etc. It is important for us to research this area before all of this is taken down and sites like mine will no longer be available giving you this “TRUTH”. We are being bombarded with symbols and images that have a deeper meaning to them. They are widely used in any dark secret society with groups stemming from them like an octopus. Each leg does not know what the other is doing but they are all working together in it. Many would have doubts about what I am saying by saying, “oh if your looking for something you will see it” or “they are absolutely harmless”. This is the typical programming

There seems to be one source that is the center of all of this as many are now seeking the Kabbalistic ways of Zionism. So what is Kabbalah? You can read on it to understand it’s roots at the link I have given you. It is essential that we understand who is at the top and who is at the bottom… part 2 will show you this.You can read on more to get a full understanding but we really do not know it all. These are just some of the facts that have already been documented. Only the facts that the powers that be have released. Much information that we seek now through sources has a bit of truth to catch our interest and then the lies come and this is where discernment is greatly needed. Know your enemy!

Esoteric vs Exoteric


  [es′ə terik]


  1. The definition of esoteric is something only understood by a chosen group.

    An example of esoteric is pa++ern, an embroidery language.




    1. intended for or understood by only a chosen few, as an inner group of disciples or initiates: said of ideas, literature, etc.
    2. beyond the understanding or knowledge of most people; abstruse
  1. confidential; private; withheld: an esoteric plan

Origin of esoteric

Classical Greek esōterikos ; from esōteros, inner, comparative of esō, within ; from es, eis, into


  [eks′ə terik]



  1. of the outside world; external
  2. not limited to a select few or an inner group of disciples; suitable for the uninitiated
  3. that can be understood by the public; popular

Origin of exoteric

Late Latin exotericus ; from Classical Greek exōterikos, external ; from comparative ofexō, outside: see ex-

Even I had to look up these words to understand their meanings. In other words the plans of the ELITE (Powers that be) are esoteric. They do not want us knowing their plans for us although the success of some of those plans has already been published on the web. They have one god and it is not the God of creation! Most believers do not even realize they are being pulled into this by the symbolism (christian symbols) and signs that have indoctrinated our society today. EVERY tradition! EVERYTHING we learned and EVERYTHING we see has an ORIGIN. If we do not seek out the truth we stay deceived and the illusion gets even bigger as we reject the truth being given by those who only seek “TRUTH”.
Olivet has an extensive amount of information on her blog site as well as at Pinterest. You can access her blog at the link or to the right of each page. (Olivet Journal). Please familiarize yourself with these signs and symbols(images). It may not seem that they are affecting us in the physical world but it does in the Spiritual World and our common enemy wants nothing more then to take your eternal soul with him.
Seek the Truth! The Truth will set you FREE!!
Know your Bible… Read the WORD it is food for your SPIRIT!
Watch for these signs in our well known ministries some are sporting the unholy trinity. 😦

Is “Operation American Spring” Planned As A Massive Sacrifice To Satan?

My Response:

It is interesting that they are talking about all these hidden projects that are being used against the masses … as well as most of these satanists seem to be placed in high up strategic areas of control over the masses …

Matthew 10:26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Whistle BLOWER- Secret Plot to NUKE parts of the USA Exposed!

This was an awesome find and you should watch it before it is taken down as many of these are being taken down please let me know if this happens and I will post a different link to my cloud storage.

My thoughts on this: I knew something was up as to why all these high ranking Military were getting the boot. They don’t want to play ball with the agenda and the orders they were given.. You see I knew that they have been planting explosives on the Atlantic shelf near NC.. The false flag October surprise and it was stopped. Much much more as to where our tax money is going and like I have said about our birth certificates.. They own us, we are a commodity and they are using us in their gambling ring.. I guess because I don’t work 😀 they aren’t making any money off of me.. 😀

Fallen Angels or Demons

UFO’s: GOOD OR BAD, FALLEN ANGELS OR DEMONS (via Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters And The New World Orde)

Dark and sinister forces vie for the outcome of battles. These dark forces are much more evil than the measure of evil in man, and are only held at bay by the power of the Lord’s Host (angels). It is these sinister and dark forces with which humanity…

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From Darkness into Light

Jesus works in principles but the devil works in patterns and cycles.

I found this information interesting as John Ramirez has seen both sides of the spectrum, from satanism to born again. It amazes me that these people have redeemed themselves after 1/2 a lifetime on the other side. They live now to be the voice that YHVH/GOD has called them for.  Once they have dabbled in the occult many have a hard time getting out but John is one in a million that did. Just like John Todd and his testimony, if any have heard him. Unfortunately John has likely met his demise.

As Lucifer gains control over the masses through T.V., music, drugs (illegal and pharma) and other material things that seem to mean more to most then what is really going on in the spiritual realm. We find now that this invasion is coming ever so closer to home. Children going missing! Gang Stalking! Mass shootings! Mind Control! Rituals! Witchcraft! Satanism! Illuminati! Mass deception! Mass Corruption! Chaos!

No matter who you are we all need deliverance